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Wedding Invitation Pop Up Greeting Card

  • Size: 150*150mm
  • Code: WD113
  • Color: Purple or customized color
  • Order Quantity: 30.000 pcs per month
  • MOQ: 500 pcs for mixed designs
  • Packing: Card will come with a white envelope and plastic and 25 pcs/box, 50 boxes/carton
  • Customization options on request
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A wedding is the symbol of commitment and the foundation of your love for your partner. Building a warm home starts with choosing your partner for life. And this is officiated in a ceremony called a wedding. A marriage rite is therefore important because it binds two people in a lifetime commitment.


Inspiration for Wedding Invitation Pop Up Greeting Card

We capture the moment of a lifetime when the bride and the groom are saying sacred vows to each other. Wedding vows are the words spoken by the couple to each other that express both an intent and a promise. They express how the couple intends to relate to each other, how they intend to navigate the path of life together, and what meaning they intend to give to their marriage. 


Occasions for Wedding Invitation Pop Up Greeting Card

Wedding Invitation Pop Up Greeting Card is such a mesmerizing and meaningful gift card for one of the most important events of each individual's life. This card can be used perfectly for anniversaries and ceremonies!