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Bear Couple Pop Up Card

Type: Handmade pop-up greeting card.
Material: Kishu and Italia paper
Size: 120 x 120 mm
Code: VA018
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Bears were revered by numerous Native American and Siberian cultures. The animals were seen as good luck to catch since they could feed a family for a sustained period. The creature was also thought to have strong supernatural powers of good, based on its ability to hibernate throughout the winter. Therefore, the bear is also a symbol of love and family. 


Inspiration for Bear Couple Pop Up Card

When someone says that you are their "valentine," they are simply choosing you as the person that they would like to show fondness to on that special day. When people are married or dating, it is assumed that they are automatically the other person's valentine due to the romantic relationship that they hold.


Occasions for Bear Couple Pop Up Card

Bear Couple Pop Up Card is a meaningful and unique pop up card for your family and friends. This card is perfect to demonstrate your love and affection toward them!