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Tulip Pop Up Card 3

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The beauty of Tulip is an endless muse for our company. We design different models of Tulip, the Tulip Pop Up card is one of our most unique ones when it comes to this type of card. The Tulip Pop Up card symbolizes the Tulip flower itself, while still demonstrates all the beauty of their kind.


Inspiration for the Tulip Pop Up Card 3

The expressiveness color palette includes various of gradient color. These color choices bring out the best characteristics in Tulips. The flower symbolizes enduring love between partners or family members and undying passionate love, whether the passion is spurned or returned.


Occasions for the Tulip Pop Up Card 3

Tulip Pop Up Card 3 is such an adorable and meaningful gift for your loved ones. Especially nature lovers. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.