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Hibiscus Flower Pop Up Card

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Hibiscus Flower has a dazzling beauty. These charming flowers are symbolized and simplified in this card but remain its timeless beauty. We put our lovely rose mallows in an adorable basket to deliver you all the best wishes that Hibiscus holds.


Inspiration for the Hibiscus Pop Up Card

The name “hibiscus” comes from the Greek word “hibiskos”, which Dioscorides (Greek physician, pharmacological, and botanist) identified with the marshmallow. Hibiscus symbolism depends on the culture of the beholder, Hibiscus can symbolize beauty, charm, youth, first love, and the shortness of life.


Occasions for the Hibiscus Pop Up Card

Hibiscus Pop Up Card is such an adorable and meaningful gift for your loved ones. Especially nature lovers. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.