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Jazz Pop Up Card

There is space inside of the card to write your own message.

Material: Italia and Kishu paper

Size:120 x 170 mm

Packing: card will come with an envelope and a plastic

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Like democracy, jazz is about balancing tradition and innovation, individualism and collectivism, past and future, stability and change, conventionality, and progress.


Inspiration for Jazz Pop Up Card

Firstly it serves as expressing Morrison's own thoughts and words on the subject. Secondly, it serves as the content of the novel itself. Thirdly, it symbolizes the stylistic techniques and language of the novel. Lastly, it serves as showing the structure of the novel beforehand.


Occasions for Jazz Pop Up Card

Jazz Pop Up Card is not just a fascinating gift but also a meaningful present for your family and friends. This card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.