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Nativity 2 Pop Up Card

There is space inside of the card to write your own message.
Folds flat for posting
Envelope supplied.
Type: Handmade pop-up greeting card.
Material: Kishu and Italia paper
Size: 120 x 120 mm
Code: MC020
Custom design for customer designing order!
Email: sales@viet-craft.com
Mobile Phone: 0936380766

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Jesus is often referred to as the "Lamb of God." And the phrase, "innocent as a lamb," demonstrates that sheep still represent some goodness in modern consciousness. The sheep in the nativity scene symbolize purity and Jesus' earthly mission as the ultimate sacrificial offering.


Inspiration for Nativity 2 Pop Up Card

In the Bible, nativity means the process or circumstances of being born, capitalized the birth of Jesus, and a horoscope at or of the time of one's birth.


Occasions for Nativity 2 Pop Up Card

Nativity 2 Pop Up Card is a meaningful gift for your family and friends on this holiday! This card is perfect for celebrating Christmas together.