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Drums Pop Up Card

  • Size: 150*150mm
  • Code: OT468
  • Color: Red or customized color
  • Order Quantity: 30.000 pcs per month
  • MOQ: 500 pcs for mixed designs
  • Packing: Card will come with a white envelope and plastic and 25 pcs/box, 50 boxes/carton
  • Customization options on request!
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The meaning of the Drum symbol was to signify the heartbeat of mother earth. American Indian drums were of great influence and importance, they are used in various ways to interact with a higher power known to most as the Great Spirit. The drum plays an intricate part in the rituals and ceremonies of the Indians.


Inspiration for Drums Pop Up Card

Drums are symbols of the rhythm of life. Their beat can be equated to the beating of a heart. Since the heart is central to our survival, its beating indicates that we are alive and once it stops, we die. The drums in the novel also signify the heart of the jungle.


Occasions for Drums Pop Up Card

Drums Pop Up Card is an amazing representative of drummers and music bands. This card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.