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Diamond Ring 3d Pop Up Card

  • Size: 150*150
  • Color: Gold
  • Customization options on request
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In antiquity, a diamond was always thought to be a symbol of innocence and purity. They were thought to be a special gift, which represented the very ultimate gift of love. In 1477, this trend was started when Archduke Maximillian gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring.


Inspiration for Diamond Ring Pop Up Card

The diamond is light, life, and the sun. it is an emblem of purity and perfection, of invincible spiritual power, and it is the stone of commitment, faithfulness, and promise between husband and wife. Diamond is the symbol of light and brilliance; unconquerable; treasures, riches, intellectual knowledge.


Occasions for Diamond Ring Pop Up Card

Diamond Ring Pop Up Card is such a significant gift for your loved ones. This card is perfect to demonstrate your sincere love to that special someone in your life.