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Father's Love Pop Up Card

  • Size: 120*170
  • Code: OT447
  • Color: Red
  • Customization options on request
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Father is the symbol of protection and security. There are many feelings associated with father or fatherly figure. To add to it, it may also mean that your father feels the loss of authority and value in your life. Some people also indicate seeing their father dead in their dream.


Inspiration for Father's Love Pop Up Card

A father's love contributes as much - and sometimes more - to a child's development as does a mother's love. The studies are based on surveys of children and adults about their parents' degree of acceptance or rejection during their childhood, coupled with questions about their personality dispositions.


Occasions for Father's Love Pop Up Card

Father's Love Pop Up Card is a significant symbolic and meaningful present for your dad. This card is perfect for Father's day to demonstrate your love and admiration for your dad.