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Bicycle Pop Up Card

  • Material: Italia and Kishu paper
  • Size:120 x 170 mm
  • Packing: card will come with an envelope and a plastic
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Bicycle symbolizes the moving circle of life. Bicycles are also related to the ups and downs of life. For instance, riding a bicycle gives you both, smooth edges and rough pebbles on your journey. The smooth edges are related to the happy times of your life and the rough pebbles denote the challenges of life.


Inspiration for Bicycle Pop Up Card

A bike is quite an interesting symbol in a dream. Bikes in dreams are associated with balance. Cycling indicates that you will encounter moving in the right direction. It will mean that as you grow you will learn the cycle of life.


Occasions for Bicycle Pop Up Card

Bicycle Pop Up Card is such a unique way to remind your family and friends to stay healthy and exercise regularly. This card is also a perfect gift for racing cyclists or a bicycle lover.