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Giant Wheel 2 Pop Up Card

There is space inside of the card to write your own message.
Folds flat for posting
Envelope supplied.
Type: Handmade pop-up greeting card.
Material: Kishu and Italia paper
Size: 120 x 120 mm
Code: BD028.2
Custom design for customer designing order!
Email: sales@viet-craft.com
Mobile Phone: 0936380766

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The circular shape of the wheel symbolizes the perfection of Buddha's teachings. This moral is demonstrated in lots of cultural and especially in architecture. The meaning of the wheel as a symbolic entity is similar to that of the CIRCLE, with the additional quality of movement.

Inspiration For Giant Wheel 2 Pop Up Card

As a symbol of the sun, the wheel spoke parallel the rays of the sun. It is the Wheel of Fortune in a deck of tarot cards, and in the Taoist tradition, the wheel is the Sage who has reached the point of motionless center, around which movement may occur without himself being moved.

Occasions For Giant Wheel 2 Pop Up Card

Giant Wheel 2 Pop Up Card is not just an impressive, mesmerizing gift but also a meaningful present for your family and friends. This card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.