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Carp Pop Up Card

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The myth about carp in Vietnamese culture inspires our company to design this mesmerizing card.

According to the legend, the carp comes from the same clan as the dragon, is known for leaping up waterfalls just like the homecoming salmon, it has come to represent tenacity, courage, and achievement in Chinese culture. There is a high waterfall on the Yellow River in Hunan known as the Dragon’s Gate, and there’s a belief that any carp strong enough to leap it will be transformed into dragons and fly up to the heavens.


Inspiration for the Carp Pop Up Card

The carp oars designed as beautiful curves. The movement of the oars looks like it is flying, slowly transform into mighty dragons. Many legends are surrounding the carp, which is most often seen as a positive and luck-bringing symbol.

In Japan, they are a symbol of strength, as they are the only fish that can conquer the waterfalls of the Yellow River. Therefore a gift of a Koi is believed to grant the receiver strength.


Occasions for the Carp Pop Up Card

Carp Pop Up Card is a wonderful and meaningful gift for your family and friends.

This card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.