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Dinosaur Pop Up Card

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The word "dinosaur" comes from the ancient Greek words "deinos" ("terrible") and "sauros" ("lizard").  The meaning behind the term “dinosaur” indicates accurate this creature features and characteristics.

Contract to the original meaning of the word “dinosaur”, our “terrible lizard” appears to be harmless, rather goofy, and adorable!


Inspiration for the Dinosaur Pop Up Card

A dinosaur represents dragon, protection, fear, past life, karmas, strength, courage, nobility, and bravery. Stop fearing your past at once if you dream of a beautiful and happy dinosaur. You have not done anything wrong in your life!


Occasions for the Dinosaur Pop Up Card

Dinosaur Pop Up Card is an exciting and unique gift for your youngsters, especially for Jurassic Park Movie’s fans.

This card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.