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Dragon Pop Up Card 3

Type: Handmade pop-up greeting card.
Material: Kishu and Italia paper
Size: 120 x 120 mm
Code: AN060
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Appear to be fierce and powerful, the dragon designed as a strong, powerful creature with pointy wings and claws.

These mysterious features fascinate a lot of people, including us. Inspired by the unknown and magical part of the word, we demonstrate the image of a fire dragon in our wildest dream, but the design is friendly enough to make your child adore.


Inspiration for Dragon Pop Up Card 3

The Chinese dragon has very different connotations from the European dragon – in European cultures, the dragon is a fire-breathing creature with aggressive connotations, whereas the Chinese dragon is a spiritual and cultural symbol that represents prosperity and good luck, as well as a rain deity that fosters harmony.


Occasions for Dragon Pop Up Card 3

The Dragon Pop Up Card 3 is an exciting and unique gift for your youngsters, especially for How To Train Your Dragon Movie’s fans.

This card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.